The Blockchain Hackathon 2018

The Ashesi D:Lab, Blockchain Society Ghana, Kumasi Hive and Devless are organizing the first Blockchain Hackathon in Ghana in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and the Association of Ghana Industries. For this challenge, the most creative and inspiring teams from all over Ghana are invited to design and pitch a blockchain-inspired solution for a supply chain platform inspired by the work of the Ministry of Trade.

The platform aims to enable buyers (large scale contractors and LSE’s) to engage suppliers (sub-contractors and SME’s) in an exchange arrangement that ensures that buyer needs are met while supplier capacity is enabled.

We asked: Why not make this a Blockchain project and here we are!!!

What are you waiting for? Check out this exciting challenge


and show us what you’ve got.

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Saturday May 12th 2018

iSpace Foundation, Labone


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Who can participate?

If you can read and understand this you’re in!

What is the Ashesi D:Lab Hackathon Series?

The Ashesi D:Lab Hackathon series are events where students, entrepreneurs, developers and technology enthusiasts, converge to develop creative solutions to important problems in society. Impact is a key metric in the development of solutions hence problems tackled at our hackathons are wicked tough but exciting!

Why this hackathon?

The Ashesi D:Lab, Ministry of Trade Ghana, Kumasi Hive, Devless and the Blockchain Society of Ghana want to bring together the most creative and innovative individuals to to apply blockchain technology to innovate a supply chain platform the Ministry of Trade and Industry is building. We also believe that Blockchain will form the backbone of systems and processes in the future and considering that supply chain is the bane of our societal progress, it is immensely beneficial to explore blockchain applications now.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Check out our useful resources on our Resources Page!

Still got some burning questions and things you are not clear about?


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